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Technologies used:


Our client set out to give shippers, brokers, freight-carriers and drivers what they need to overcome challenges and make their jobs and lives better.

With a mission to deliver shipments reliably at lower cost for shippers and at higher profit for carriers through technology, our client needed a technological ally that would help achieve it.

Solution & Results

A LiftUp team was assigned to our client and became an integrated part of their inhouse development team for the duration of the overhaul and deployment of additional features.

The partnership with our client was instrumental to create a mobile application for real-time drivers tracking, and other cloud based functionalities of their main web application. 

Our team worked on the software architecture, refactoring, integration of the application with carriers/shippers, user right and management, and security.

Other features we’ve developed include:

– Visual analytics (charts, tables, etc.) of multiple types of statistics and reports for the company (sales reports, shipment reports, marketplace reports, workforce goals, sales goals etc.)

– Smart and custom way to build templates for emails that are sent out by the application.

– Quick way to bid for different types of shipments, or to find the market price for your load that you want to transport between one or multiple locations.

– In app work goals and rewards based on the users results.

– Accounting platform with multiple functionalities for invoices, bills, credit application etc.

– Appointments management system.

– Clients management system

Technologies used:

  • Kotlin

  • Angular

  • Nest JS

  • GraphQ

  • MongoDB